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Do you love empowering people to meet their goals? 

Inspiro Arts Alliance cultivates and empowers artists globally to awaken the world to God's beauty.  Imagine equipping artist to do this well. The Incarnate Pathway teaches artists how to engage with the least-reached through their creativity.  Learn more here:

As the Pathway Manager, you will assist artists through the programme from start to completion. Could this be you?

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__Minimum Preferred Requirements

  • Experience similar to a guidance counselor or academic advisor
  • Experience in project management
  • Proficiency in Office 365
  • Familiarity with budgeting and financial tracking
  • I have or am pursuing coaching and mentoring training 

__Required Competencies I work well on a virtual team

  • I am organized and detail-oriented
  • I can create new procedures for smooth administration
  • I learn new management software quickly
  • I can manage multiple priorities at once
  • I have very strong written and oral communication skills
  • I am aware of the communication differences between cultures and strive to learn more
  • I work well across different denominations, cultures, and organisations. 
  • I'm able to format documents and media for a variety of purposes

__Essential Passions

  • I enjoy answering people's questions and guiding them through an administrative process
  • I find satisfaction in listening well and encouraging people as they meet their goals
  • I am gifted in administration  —creating structures and managing processes so that logistics run smoothly
  • I am a self-starter and problem-solver
  • I enjoy coordinating information and communications between people
  • I enjoy working in a multicultural environment
  • I love seeing artists far-, near-, and same-culture artists trained and released into mission

__Summary of Key Result Areas

  • Ensure the logistics and administration of the Pathway are in place and effective. 
    • Develop and implement recruiting and application management to suit candidates from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
    • Advisement and tracking of Pathfinder (learners) to encourage and empower their learning.
    • Support Base Development


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    * The jobs listed on this website do not have a set salary. This means that the person who applies will need to raise their own support, which is money that they will use to live on. The amount of support money they need to raise will depend on things like where they are from, if they have a family, and what country they will be working in. There might be some jobs that pay salary, but these are rare and would need to be negotiated with the sending offices and the teams you'd like to serve with. If you have any questions about this, please contact your local home office. Always keep in mind that our ministry depends on generous giving from our partners around the globe and God's ongoing provision. Joining OM is always seen as a step of faith and trust in a God who will provide for our needs through his chosen people.