Afghanistan is so much more than what we hear and see in the news. Its majestic mountains are witnesses to a long history and rich, deep-rooted traditions. Afghanistan is described as ‚ÄėThe crossroads of Asia‚Äô. Afghans are proud of their ancient heritage, great civilisations, diversity of cultures and ways of showing hospitality.

Yet years of conflict, still ongoing, have also marked this land deeply. The contrast lies in the beauty of the landscape with the reality of so many people living in poverty.

There are currently no OM staff members in Afghanistan. We continue to pray for the people of Afghanistan during this time. 

  • Pray for God‚Äôs provision and peace for communities of Jesus followers in Afghanistan.
  • Pray for the protection of women and the opportunity for education in Afghanistan.
  • Pray for God‚Äôs protection and provision for displaced peoples and refugees.

Einsätze in Afghanistan