The purpose of this outreach is to support and serve the Ukrainian refugees coming to Moldova.

Your team will be working with OM in Moldova team members to make hundreds of food packets, and visit families and churches hosting refugees to give food and share the gospel. Your team will also have some opportunities to coordinate children’s programs and activities with the families. And to attend a church service, where your team members can come with a message, testimony, and worship songs to encourage the local believers.

(Bei Schwierigkeiten mit dem Englisch kontaktiere uns bitte trotzdem, wir freuen uns auf deine Anfrage.
En cas de questions ou de difficultés avec l’anglais, contacte-nous. Nous nous réjouissons de recevoir ton message.)

When: July & August

How Long: 1 week to 1 week

Required Notice: 2 weeks

Sorry, no singles
Sorry, no married couples
Sorry, no families
Groups welcome
40.00 per day CHF
Ministry details

This refugee outreach option is only available for groups. To prepare the food packets, your team will go to an OM rented warehouse to work together as a team to put together the food supplies that your team will distribute to the refugee families in need. When visiting refugees, you will visit some families in homes or churches who are hosting refugees. When going to the border, you will serve the refugees coming into Moldova with a warm welcome, food and drink and sharing God’s love. For the children’s programs and family activities, you can organize games, face painting, songs, Bible stories, dramas, testimonies, etc.

Participant profile

Does your heart go out to the Ukrainian refugees who have had to flee their homes and leave loved ones behind without knowing when or if they will see them again? Are you moved to help in practical ways to support these families in need? We have a need and a great opportunity for you to come and join us in this refugee ministry. Let’s do this together!


Will stay at the OM center and travel out each day. Some drives will be longer around 2hrs. one way to the border and other drives will be close within the city or nearby villages.


Good food is provided. Sometimes it will be something quick and easy, especially while at the border. You may have the opportunity to cook a meal for some refugee families too. Please advise us if you have dietary restrictions


Participants must arrange their own travel to and from Chisinau, Moldova. The Airport Code for Chisinau is: KIV. Participants will be picked up by OM team members at the airport, train- or bus station.


Participants must be in good health and physically able to stand, bend, lift, walk and do other physical activities as needed.


You can only enter Moldova with a Passport, not an ID card. Citizens from the EU, USA, Canada, Switzerland and a CIS countries do not need a Visa. All others will need a Visa. If a Visa is needed and costs are involved, this is the participant's responsibility to pay the fees.

We are NOT able to provide a Letter of Invitation for a Visa, in all cases. Please check if you need a Letter of Invitation at


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