Doulos Hope: Medical Officer (Doctor)

Are you a qualified doctor looking for an exciting ministry to be part of?  The doctor/medical officer on board Doulos Hope serves in providing medical care and treatment to the crew, staff and guests of the vessel.


Responsibilities and tasks

  • Manage, support and equip the Team Members of the Clinic;
  • Run and maintain the Clinic on a regular basis and provide medical care and treatment to crew, staff and guests on board Doulos Hope;
  • Organise and coordinate the 24/7 emergency medical schedule;
  • Ensure that crew medicals of (new) crew members are being done as necessary according to the Maritime standards and regulations;
  • Ensure that the Patient records are documented in our database system / Medical Treatment Log Book and make reports of any work-related injuries;
  • Advise and coordinate when people need medical care or diagnostics on shore, and liaise with the onshore Medical Officer where appropriate;
  • Advise the ship's personnel of disease prevention measures to be taken in any particular areas or ports;
  • Maintain and restock the Clinic's medications and supplies and ensure that new medications or supplies are being ordered when needed;
  • Ensure that the medical equipment is working well and arrange servicing, repairing or replacing if needed;
  • Inform the Master of any unusual sicknesses or epidemics on board and request assistance if required;
  • Participate in emergency routine drills, including fire and Abandon Ship Drills and fulfil the specific duties as stated on the Muster List.

Essential requirements:

  • Completed the studies/education as medical doctor
  • A full valid license to practice
  • Work experience in a hospital or Doctor's practice

Preferred requirements:

  • Experienced in general medicine, surgery and anesthetics (benefit, not essential)
  • Good communication skills
  • Good people skills
  • Service focus
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently
  • Able to cope with stressful situations
Start date
February 2023
Length of Commitment
1-2 Years
Full or part time
Full Time
Remote Working Possible
Ships, Medical, Working Professional

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