Help us present Doulos Hope to the world as Communications Manager, also known as Global Connections Department Head.

Working on board, you will be responsible for managing and supporting a small creative team that brings the stories of the Ship Ministry to life through writing and design, photos and video, media relations and more as you travel from port to port.


  • A creative yet flexible individual with proven small team management experience.
  • Marketing and communications relevant training and experience preferred.
  • Able to communicate in English effectively, both in spoken and written form.
  • A team of supporters who will ensure your financial sponsorship while on board.

Working on board Doulos Hope, you will be responsible for:

  • Effectively managing the onboard Global Connections department and activities, budget and resources.
  • Ensuring the timely and suitable provision of resources:

o to facilitate the onboard ministry of Doulos Hope
o to facilitate a positive image of Doulos Hope in each port of call
o to facilitate the international communication of the ministry of Doulos Hope

  • Assisting in development of new communication concepts and further development of strategy for areas of responsibility.
  • Maintaining the proper use of the ship brand, communications resources and policies within the ministry of Doulos Hope.
Start date
February 2023
Length of Commitment
1-2 Years
Full or part time
Full Time
Remote Working Possible
Arts, Music and Media, Communications, Working Professional

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