As a baker, together with others you will produce quality baked items for those in the ship's community (around 150 people) & the local visitors who come to our I-Café and events on board. Our purpose is two-fold; to feed, bless & encourage those serving in the ship's community, and to provide items creating a hospitable environment to connect with our visitors.


Tasks & Responsibilies:

  •         You are responsible for making the crew's bread & desserts
  •         You are responsible for producing items sold in the International Café
  •         You will create & cater a variety of high-quality items to events on board, from simple cakes, to receptions, to plated desserts

Job Requirements:

  •         You have experience with baking breads, cakes, desserts, etc.
  •         You are able/prepared to rise early for a daily morning shift
  •         You are willing to learn new baking skills & execute them in a high quality manner
  •         You are able to independently complete tasks & at the same time being aware of the needs of your workmates
Start date
February 2023
Length of Commitment
1-2 Years
Full or part time
Full Time
Remote Working Possible
Ships, Technical and Practical Skills, Working Professional

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